Job 1:1-12 How can you spot genuine faith?

We start our mini-series on Job by looking at why God would allow suffering, why suffering can be in our best interests, and why Job was not forsaken by God but being allowed to demonstrate his faith for the glory of God.

Jonah 3-4: Thank God God’s God

Every felt frustrated at the way life’s going? The place God’s put you? The things that are happening around you? We look at what happens as Jonah tries to tell God he could do God’s job better, and see how much better it is that God is God (and not you or I.)

Jonah 1-2 : Can I run from God? Should I run from God?

The first in our two part series on Jonah – the most famous minor prophet book in the Bible… Rebellion, storm, and some massive ironies. We look at the way that Jonah points forward to Christ, and what it tells us about our own standing before God, and how God sees us.

Acts 28:11-31 : Unchained gospel

In our final sermon in the series on the end of Acts, we follow Paul as he reaches Rome and see how his chains were no hindrance to the gospel.

Acts 27: Everyone reached land safely

In our latest online sermon we look at Paul’s journey over sea as he journeys, a prisoner, to Rome to have an audience with Caesar. Shipwreck, and chaos threaten to destroy them all, but God is at work.

Acts 24:1-27 : Authority and offence

The latest video in our series on the Acts of the Apostles. Paul appears on trial before Felix, but what are the accusations? What are Paul’s answers? And what does it teach us about how authority can blind us to the gospel?